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is it like that here ? 2004

sound / video / space installation on the theme of exoticism Atelier Neitzert, France (34) 2 cd-tracks, 45 min. each, containing recordings of 28 people, video 12 min. loop, containing 24 hours contracted in12 minutes / landscape seen by the installation place’s window. Answers to the question: « is it like you imagined ? « Thoughts and experiences of people from different origins, settled in the Saint Chinian area. Considering exoticism by definition: distance, difference, dream… The purpose of my project was to: – render the differences there were between two realities: subjective experience and concrete situation – make possible the movement between these two « spaces »: the reality and its projection (video) – use the concept of « time » as the measure of distance. The fact that unifies and separates (here / away).

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