. . . A SA PLACE

The association was founded in June of 1996, in the South of France, in Roquebrun, between Montpellier and Narbonne.

Since then it has set up several events.

Its main goal is to create new relationship between the public at large and the diverse languages of contemporary visual arts.

To achieve this, it organizes exhibitions, installations, … open to the public and its questioning.

It tends to set up didactic activities enabling people to discover art works, get familiar with critical language and practice studio work.

Furthermore, the association takes part in arranging exchanges between French and foreign artists, and therefore between different publics.

Carita Savolainen

. . . A SA PLACE – Art contemporain
Siège : Rue de la Chapelle 34 460 Roquebrun – Tél : 04 67 89 72 40
Association régie par la loi de 1901

caritasavo@hotmail.com +32 4 88729359 +358 400 276746