Passing on Looks

carita savolainen, Unknown Woods (She was here), pencil on paper, veil, 110cm x 150cm, 2017 a - Copie

A travers le regard / Katseen kautta / Passing on Looks (Suite III)

Linked to the hundred years of Finland’s independence

Participants : Images and conception: Carita Savolainen

Texts : Astrid Chaffringeon, Aliénor Debrocq, Kristina Haataja, Maarit Verronen

Musical performance : Anu Junnonen

Choreographic performance : Meri Pajunpää

Publication of the project-book by éléments de langage

Bruxelles 2017 Ambassade de Finlande,  Bruxelles

The project Passing on Looks (Suite III) of Carita Savolainen has been conceived as the continuity of a concept launched in 2010. Each project aims in a particular context to link image and text, and further still other forms of expression like sound and movement to enable a variety of perceptions.

How to allow line, color, word, memory, movement, respiration to meet in everybody’s mental space? How to translate in another language form a thought, an idea, a sensation?

This sequence (Suite (III) ) of the project, by crossing looks on two pairs of images, aims at suggesting a status report on a situation and account for the way the perception of Finland has evolved in another European culture, Belgium, and reversely on the way Finland’s image of Belgium has changed.

One pair of Finnish mental landscape images has been proposed to two different Belgian writers, Astrid Chaffringeon and Aliénor Debrocq, and the Belgian mental landscape images to two Finnish writers, Kristina Haataja and Maarit Verronen; the two pairs of images were submitted to the composer Anu Junnonen and choreographer Meri Pajunpää.

They were all presenting their interpretations during the event and exhibition organized at the Embassy on November 30th.

A trilingual project-book was published by the Brussels editor éléments de langage on this occasion.

The project is supported by the Embassy of Finland and the Finnish Cultural Institute of Brussels. +32 4 88729359 +358 400 276746