CARITA SAVOLAINEN Born in Central Finland. Works in France, in Finland and Belgium


D.N.S.E.P. , Master in Art with honours,  Beaux-Arts, Montpellier D.E.U.G. Visual Arts,(Option: Image-study, Performing-Arts, Audiovisual), Paul Valéry University, Montpellier: (Fr). Art History and Archeology.


2022    Maison des Arts de Bages, Paysage.s with Patricia Stheeman

2021   Galerie Borromée, Le Monde Savoléen I, Motpellier (Fr) (November)

2022   Galerie Borromée, Le Monde Savoléen II, Simeyrols (Fr)(june)

2022   Maison des arts, Bages (mai)

2019 Château Vargoz, L’Air de L’arbre, Sérignan (Fr)

2018 A Travers le Regard / Katseen Kautta / Passing on Looks (Suite III) Part II event / presentation / readings / performances / exhibition Looking upon Finland from Belgium, looking upon Belgium from Finland Concept and images by Carita Savolainen Texts of Astrid Chaffringeon, Aliénor Debrocq, Kristina Haataja, Maarit Verronen Choreographic performance on images Meri Pajunpää Sound performance on images Anu Junnonen Book published by éléments de langage, Bruxelles 2017 The Embassy of Belgium in Finland

2017 A Travers le Regard / Katseen Kautta / Passing on Looks (Suite III) 2017 – on going process based project (images,texts, choreography, composition) and a book with éléments de langage. Finnish Embassy of Brussels 2017 The hundred years of the independence of Finland Concept and images:  Carita Savolainen Texts :  Astrid Chaffringeon,  Aliénor Debrocq,  Kristina Haataja,  Maarit Verronen Sound Performance : Anu Junnonen Choreographic Performance : Meri Pajunpää A trilingual book edited by éléments de langage , Brussels  

2016 Malmitalo Gallery, That What You Can Not Hear At First, Helsinki, (Fin)

2016 Finnland Zentrum, Thirty Years Later, Berlin (D)

2015 Gallery My Art Goes Boom, Mise au Point, Nîmes, France

2014 Atelier Neitzert Héraud, exhibition and book-project Suite II with a musical composition in the form of a sound installation by Aki Ito

2014 Chapitre XII, exhibition and book-project Suite with a choreography from images by Mikko Hyvönen

2013 éléments de langage : the book-project on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met publishing and exhibition , Brussels (Be).

2013 Institut Français de Helsinki : presentation of the book-project on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met

2012 Airscape on Water, Haukkavuoren tornigalleria? Kotka (Fi)

2012 Taidesalonki, Helsinki 2010 Tuulikaappigalleria, Jyväskylä

2008 Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä (Fin). 2008 Hety, Helsinki (Fin). 2007 Galleria Orton, Helsinki (Fin).

2007 Médiathèque, Pézenas (Fr). 2006 Médiathèque, Saint Chinian (Fr). 2004 Vanha Pappila, Korpilahti (Fin). 2001Galleria BE’19, Helsinki (Fin).

2001 Galleria Käpy, Konnevesi (Fin). 2002 Bastide Les Alibert, Minerve (Fr). 1998 Magalas College, Magalas (Fr). 1995 Galleria Sirius, Jyväskylä (Fin). 1994 Galleria La Seranne, Gignac (Fr). 1991 La Movida, Montpellier (Fr). 1988 Finnland Zentrum, Berlin (D) 1987 Gallery of Jyväskylä Art League (Fin). 1986 Hyacinthe Rigaud Fine Art Museum, Perpignan (Fr). 1985 Keski-Suomi Museum (Art Festival of Jyväskylän Kesä: debyytti), (Fin). 1985 Albert Camus Culture House, Montpellier (Fr). 1984 Galleria Cosa Nostra, Montpellier (Fr).  

  SELECTED PROJECTS : 2017 – 2018 A TRAVERS LE REGARD/KATSEEN KAUTTA/PASSING ON LOOKS (Suite III) book-project highlighting the realationship between image and other art forms, linked to the hundred years of independence of Finland 2017 :Looking upon Finland from Belgium, looking upon Belgium from Finland. 2013 – on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met on process-based on going project highlighting the realationship between image and other art forms. 2006 Is ii like that, here? Sound and space installation using recordings of people who have left their homelands for the South of France. The purpose is to show the difference between dream and reality using the notion of time as a mesure of distance. 2005 Garden Portrait Image of a landscape developed by listening to what 36 people of various ages (6-86) say about what they see, what they know and what they feel about the landscape in front of them. 2010 – Expecting Ongoing project based on recordings and pictures of expecting parents : what to expect of life? 2000 tête à tête (kahden kesken ) / face to face conception and realisation of an art-piece exchange performance between 25 artists based in Finland and 25 artists based in France who made a gift to another artist they didn’t know. Two events: one in France, one in Finland. Cooperation in Finland with Lahankosken Mylly.


2022   Couloir,  Corneilhan, curated by Marietta Hofener 

2020  Si loin, Si proche with  M-C. Conilh de Beyssac, A. Léonesi, G. Bingisser et N.Schipoff,   Chapelle Saint Maurice, Alby-sur-Chéran.

2020  Les dents creuzes III ,   residency/production, organized by Echangeur22,  Saint Laurent des Arbres (30).

2020  L’Arbre et la Lune (Outre Chène), Salle Capitulaire, Goudargues (30). Invitation by Jean-Paul Fargier.

2020 Si proche, Si loin…Virosuspended, organization of a virtual exhibition in five locations

2020 Si loin, Si proche, Galeie Nadar, Casablanca, Marocco, with Marie-Cécile Conilh de Beyssac, Gilles Bingisser, Alain Leonesi, Nina Schipoff , (Opening the 16.4.) Moved to 2021.

2020 2ème Salon du dessin contemporain, Chapelle de Pénitents bleus et la Poudrière, Narbonne (Fr), curated by Jihane Khelif

2019  ADessin IV, Chapelle du Quarter Haut, Sète (Fr)

2019 Murmures, Chapelle Saint Maurice, Alby-sur-Chéran, proposition of Nina Schipoff

2019 Outre Chêne, Château Puilacher, Féstival de galets rouges, Puilacher. 2019

Tauwetter, Garage 19, Usine Kugler, Geneve(Ch), proposition of Nina Schipoff

2017    Identity, Gallery K41,  Brussels, curated by Krista Autio

2017    Juhlatuulella, Fine Art Museum of Jyväskylä (Fin)

2015   Purnu Art Center, Full Image, curated by Pessi Rautio (Fin)

2016    Adessin, Atelier Spirale/Open Space/Echappée Belle, Sète (Fr)

2013    Que Du Papier II, Lac (Contemporary Art Place), Narbonne (Fr)

2012 Dearest Sisters, Galleria Käpy, Hankasalmi (Fi) 2012 The Fool Margot, Galerie 4.Barbier, Nîmes (Fr) 2011 Äkkigalleria, Landscape 8, Jyväskylä (Fin) 2009 Voir, Atelier Neitzert (with Claude Lévêque, David Shirgley, Santiago Sierra, Luc Moullet, Jorg Neitzert) (34), Fr. 2004 Is it like that, here ?/Exoticism (recording/video-installation), Atelier Neitzert, Lieu d’Art actuel, (34), Fr. 2002 Garden Portrait (recording-installation), Imprévu au Jardin III, Saint Gervais sur Mare (Fr). 2001 Petites Productions Personnelles, CTM, Montpellier (Fr). 2000 20-centuries repainted, Cassiopée Collection, Carla Bayle Fine Arts Museum (Fr). 2000 tête-à-tête / kahden kesken, Art-pieces exchange performance, Lahankosken Mylly / … A Sa Place, Finland / France. 1999 Memoria, Trazos y Signos, Casa de la Cultura, San Luis de Potosi, Mexico. 1998 Square ten project, … A Sa Place, Roquebrun (Fr). 1994 Chapelle des Penitents, Aniane (Fr). 1992 Vallée Dorée, Puechabon (Fr). 1984 Vivant / Artificiel, Hospice Saint Louis, Avignon (Fr).


2010 Artists of the Cable factory, Sky and Heaven, Cablefactory, Helsinki (Fin). 2010 Lähde, Museum of Central Finland. 2009 Art association of Jyväskylä 64, Jyväskylä Fine Art Museum (Fin). 2009 Skyborder, Galleria Käpy, Konnevesi, (Fin). 2009 The North of mine, (PTL),Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, (Fin). 2008 To the light, Kanneltalo, Helsinki (Fin). 2006 Art Collection Toivainen, Keski-Suomi Museum (Fin). 2005 Tuulensuu Foundation Collection, Viitasaari (Fin). 2005 Jyväskylä Fine Arts Museum (selection of town collection), (Fin). 2005 Aquabiennale de Petroskoi (Rus). 2003 Espace Chapat / Galerie Eponyme, Beziers (Fr). 2003 Maison Médievale, Cessenon (Fr). 1995 Eglise Saint Jacques, Le Pouget (Fr). 1988 Kilo III, Installation, Helsinki (Fin). 1987 Maila Talvio-Salonki, Hartola (Fin). 1986 Young art from Central Finland, Tikkamannila (Fin). 1985 La Ruée vers l’Art, Beaux-Arts, Montpellier (Fr). 1985 Prints from France, Xeng Du (China).


2018 Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs of Belgium /// 2017 Institute Benelux, Brussels /// 2017 Finnish Embassy in Brussels/// 2011 Saskia-Stipendium, Helsinki Saskia ry. 2007 Finnish Council of Art. 2000 Finnish Art Foundation. 1988 Nordic Art Center. 1987 Finnish Art Foundation. 1985 Languedoc-Roussillon Region Funds 2004 Tuulensuu Foundation Residence 2002 Tuulensuu Foundation Residence


Collection H.U.S. Finland. Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Finland. Wallpainting: Expecting, Maternity ward, University Hospital of Helsinki. Orton Foundation, Hospital, Helsinki. Jyväskylä City Collection (Alvar Aalto Museum). Town of Hartola (Fin). Town of Aniane (Fr). San Luis de Potosi (Permanent Collection of Cultural Delecation), (Mex). Annikki Karvinen co (wall painting: Airbath, 10m x 2m10), Jyväskylä (Fin). Tuulensuu Fondation, Viitasaari (Fin). Xung Du City (China).


President of Contemporary Art Association … A Sa Place : Conception and organisation of specific art projects and exhibitions. Agreement by D.R.A.C. (French Ministry of Culture) for artistic projects in schools. Art teaching. Membership of The Artists’ Union of Finland, of the Artists’ Association of Helsinki and Jyväskylä, and Cable Factory. +32 4 88729359 +358 400 276746